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Videos & Guides

Register for courses in this section to view the diversity and inclusion training videos and the corresponding discussion guides. Use these videos for facilitation or training purposes in your organization.

Discussion guides are available for:
  • a general workplace audience,
  • a skilled immigrants audience,
  • or as a self-study guide for individual use by skilled immigrants.

TRIEC's training videos chronicle workplace integration from the perspectives of employers, skilled immigrants, and established Canadians. Through their stories, learn how they work out the challenges related to integrating skilled immigrants into the workplace

Training videos can be used by:
  • HR professionals and line managers to help them learn about ways to effectively integrate skilled immigrant employees
  • Immigrant-serving agencies
  • Skilled immigrants who are looking for work in their fields.

Learning Activities

  • Course Code: ITRA200

    Start a conversation by following a new employee and his employer in navigating a request for religious accommodation.

    When Tarek begins working at MetroCan, he makes a request to use an empty office for prayer. MetroCan accommodates his request; however, because some staff and clients are unfamiliar with his religious practices, misunderstandings and conflict ensue.

    Learning outcomes:

    • Recognize cultural differences related to religion and faith which may be encountered in the workplace.
    • Identify the responsibilities and expectations of employers and employees related to religious accommodation at work.
    • Identify how accommodation can help create a positive and inclusive workplace that embraces cultural and religious diversity.

    Length: 3:15 min